Monday, March 31, 2008

No Need to Inform Tinian About Military Activities There

US military need not inform Tinian about its activities
Monday March 31, 2008
By Junhan B. Todeno
Variety News Staff

TINIAN Mayor Jose P. San Nicolas says any military activity, such as fencing the property leased by U.S. armed forces, can proceed even without informing his office.

Based on the lease agreement, the mayor said, the military doesn’t need to inform the municipal officials about its movements on Tinian.

San Nicolas said he, too, has not seen any fence that the U.S. military supposedly installed on Tinian.

In a separate interview, Press Secretary Charles P. Reyes Jr. said he will check with the military.

He noted at the same time that whatever movement the U.S. military will undertake in the area will always conform with applicable environmental laws and regulations.

In an e-mail to Variety, the Tinian Municipal Council members said they are not at liberty to discuss or release any information regarding the activities of the U.S. Military on the island.

It is the U.S. Department of Defense that will release information as needed, the council stated.

It added that the island welcomes any U.S. military build-up on Tinian, “considering it will be a plus for our economy.”

Rep. Edwin P. Aldan, Covenant-Tinian, earlier said that the island’s legislative delegation should be informed of any activities the U.S. military was conducting in the area.

Aldan said the U.S. military has fenced a small area on the northern part of the island that is used for target practice and other exercises.

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