Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Global Indigenous TV Network

Indigenous TV Broadcasters To Form Global Network
Wednesday, 12 March 2008, 12:13 pm
Press Release: Maori Television Service

Indigenous TV Broadcasters To Form Global Network

A global network of indigenous television broadcasters will be launched at the World Indigenous Television Broadcasting Conference – WITBC ’08 – to be hosted by Maori Television in Auckland from March 26-28.

The World Indigenous Television Broadcasting Network (WITBN) will be aimed at promoting indigenous broadcasting at the highest levels internationally and at fostering closer relationships between broadcasters. Indigenous television leaders are encouraged to attend the conference at the Aotea Centre – part of the Auckland Convention Centre at THE EDGE® – and contribute to this important milestone in the development of indigenous broadcasting.

Maori Television chief executive Jim Mather says global indigenous broadcasters share similar organisational visions and purpose – to protect, maintain and strengthen indigenous representation in the media while preserving and developing their indigenous languages, culture, people and stories.

Indigenous broadcasters worldwide face similar challenges in the legislative and political struggle particularly in terms of meaningful participation in global broadcasting and creating space for indigenous voices, sharing of limited resource, and access to new resources including funding, technology and skilled workforce.

“The process of building relationships and connections amongst indigenous broadcasters has already begun with many trans-national and collaborative initiatives mostly in the form of film festivals and conferences, and some collaborative initiatives such as the Pac Rim documentary series,” Mr Mather says.

“However, there is no formalised worldwide indigenous broadcasting network or collaborative body. WITBC ’08 provides a space for discussions around the establishment of a global network which will open up a number of opportunities in terms of increased audiences, access to resources, international indigenous advocacy and knowledge transfer such as learning, teaching, up-skilling and training.”

Leaders, producers and planners involved in indigenous and public television can also register to attend WITBC ‘08 via the website www.witbc.org.

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