Thursday, August 09, 2007

Guam's Legacy Exerted

TO whom it may concern:

That "the inhabitants of Guam are hereby informed that in establishing a new political power, the authority of the United States will be exerted... that we may be "worthy citizens of the island of Guam, under the free flag of the United States."

Note to Maddie and Donna, darlings of D.C.: that was in 1899, proclaimed by Captain Richard Leary, USN, one of a succession of governors by presidential executive order who exercised ALL legislative, judicial, and executive authority over us when our homeland and our people were completely under the control of the Navy. General orders were issued, paving the way for the physical, intellectual, and emotional colonization of our people, as well as the natural resources of our homeland.

"In 1949, our Guam Congress staged a revolt and walked out of session, vowing not to return until their grievances were addressed, when then governor Captain Pownell refused to recognize their legislative and subpoena powers. Señot Carlos P. Taitano stated then that '... this kind of government is fit only for conquered peoples'."
It's 2007, ladies! I thought we are no longer under military domination, right? Or, are we still a conquered people?

Let me say it this way: you don't have to keep exerting your Washington political power on us, you know. You won't look so good for those photo-ops if you're stressed out. So sit back, relax, enjoy our sunshine, and hospitality. Go ahead and mingle with your other pals from D.C. and nonfriends of Guam. Don't forget to check behind every nook and cranny, yes, please make sure you leave no stone unturned — you need to make your report to the benevolent master show a balance between their gain and our complete annihilation. And then you can just... oops! I almost said bad words. Holy crap!

Yeah, it hurts a little that you don't want us "natives" to come to your party since you're on our turf and all. And there's this nagging sense you're all going to talk about us anyway. But then again, you so hate the putrid stench of exclusion, right, Maddie? So, we'll just see y'all outside, ok? We really need to be bad! Never let them rest!

Ñaton, Guahan (Harmon)
The Marianas Variety
August 9, 2007

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