Saturday, August 11, 2007

Better Poor Than Dead

'It's better being poor than dead'

THE Congressional hearing on August 13 on the military buildup on Guam was intentionally planned as to who should be allowed (now "invited") to testify. That's why there was no mention in our local media about the deadline to submit your name and testimony if you wanted to participate.

I "thank" our delegate, Madeleine Bordallo and this administration for barring certain activists such as Nasion Chamoru, who have been the most vocal and outspoken against this impending catastrophe.

Our Guamanian leaders know very well that they don't want the Virgin Islands delegate, Donna Christensen, and the rest of the "Team U.S.A." Resources Subcommitte members, to see and hear Nasion Chamoru testify that this massive military buildup will ruin Guam. They only want to hear from people who will give their "amen" and "sweet" testimony about how good this military buildup will mean to our island, for the so-called economic boom and opportunities.

Our senators who were "invited" to participate in this field hearing should refuse the invitation since it is not totally open to the community for public participation.

I see this hearing, except for a few individuals, as nothing more than a gathering of the puppets and carpetbaggers to show their commitment to the military and in the interest of their deep pockets.

To my people, we are in a very critical crisis. Whereas, I say that this massive military buildup will ruin Guam, I also say it would be better being poor than dead!
Fan Ma'naitai (pray) yan si Yu'os enfanbinindisi. Biba Chamoru! Biba Taotao Ta'no!

Maga'lahi, Nasion Chamoru
The Marianas Variety
August 10, 2007

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