Monday, August 07, 2017

Prutehi Litekyan rally set for today

The group Prutehi Litekyan: Save Ritidian calls on the community to join them in Tamuning across from the ITC building at 4:30 p.m today.
The group will hold a wave in order to call attention to the impending construction of the live-fire training range at Northwest Field. According to the group, the wave is “an urgent call to our community to save our endangered species from extinction, our water resource from contamination, and our ancient burials from desecration.”
Litekyan, an area of Yigo also known as Ritidian, is the sight of an ancient CHamoru latte village complex. The area also holds Guam’s only adult Hayun Lagu tree, a plant species found only on Guam and Rota.

The proposed live-fire training facility will be located near the proposed base for the Marines in Dededo's Finegayan area, according to the military's previously released plans.
The proposed live-fire training range complex for the Marine base will require a safety zone that would restrict public access to a portion of the Guam National Wildlife Refuge. The area is both a wildlife refuge and a popular destination for its white, sandy beaches.
During times the firing range would be in use, fishermen and traditional healers will be barred from entering Litekyan.
Prutehi Litekyan intends to use the wave to call for a halt of the live-fire training range; the amendment of the 2011 programmatic agreement to remove Litekyan from the listed area of potential impact for militarization efforts; the adoption of a policy that clearly protects cultural and historical sites; and the disclosure of information held by GovGuam in regards to State Historic Preservation Office undertakings in conjunction with the Department of Defense.

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