Sunday, September 04, 2011

Chamorro mayor of California town visits Guam


HAGÅTÑA — A man with a lot of passion for the community is one apt description of Joseph “Chaka” Santos, mayor of Lathrop, a northern California town that has a population of about 18,000.

Santos became mayor of Lathrop in December of last year. “We are the hub of northern California,” he said.

During a news conference, he said he came to Guam in an unofficial capacity and will be heading to various schools to talk to students and encourage them to do their best in life.

“My philosophy is that in God we trust, when in doubt look in the mirror for only you can determine your own destiny and not I,” he said.

Santos is also scheduled to meet local leaders during his week and a half long stay.

The mayor, meanwhile, also brought over a hot sauce he developed called Chaka’s MMM Sauces.

“Chaka sauce was created 20 years ago. It has no sugar, no fat, no cholesterol. It’s diabetic proof,” he said.

The product is shipped to 3,800 stores and can be used for marination of meat for barbecue.

The sauce is available for customers at Santa Fe Resort in Tamuning, which is where Santos is residing during his brief stay.

When asked if he plans to run again for mayor, Santos said he’s looking at possibly running for governor of California as an independent.

“The only party I answer to is the party of the American people and the people of California,” he said. “I’m not anybody’s puppet.”

As for being on Guam, Santos said he is happy to be here.

“If it wasn’t for my culture, I wouldn’t be where I am now,” he said.

The last time Santos was on Guam was about eight years ago when he was here with his wife and son to spend time with relatives.

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