Thursday, January 06, 2011

Guam News Watch makes final broadcast

By Brett Kelman • Pacific Daily News • January 6, 2011

Guam News Watch, a television news program that started earlier this year, has closed its doors, according to a press release from parent company Marianas Media Investors.

The show's final news broadcast was on Tuesday night. A farewell message was broadcast during their regular 6 p.m. timeslot last night.

"MMI may entertain the redevelopment of news programming in the future, but the timing of that would be premature at this time," said Marianas Media Chief Executive Officer Georgette Tengco said in the release.

The release said that Marianas Media wouldn't take questions about the shutdown of Guam News Watch. The CW4 station and local Filipino station PSST will continue to broadcast, the release states

Guam News Watch sprung from Guam News Factor, a website that offered mostly politically oriented news. The site also offered "news analysis," which involved commentary on stories published by other local media.

The website became a broadcast news show about nine months ago, according to the release.

FCC complaint

In October the Republican campaign team of then-Sen. Eddie Calvo and then-Sen. Ray Tenorio filed a complaint against MMI alleging that Guam News Watch had provided free advertising to their Democratic rivals.

Guam News Watch has disclosed on air that it is partially owned by attorney David Lujan, who often represents Calvo's political rival, former Gov. Carl Gutierrez, in his many court cases.

Marianas Media denied the allegation and the Gutierrez campaign called the complaint "pathetic."

Calvo-Tenorio has since won the election and taken office, and no update has been provided on the FCC complaint in months.

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