Friday, October 01, 2010

Hundreds participate in ROD Rally

by Lannie Walker from

Guam - Hundreds showed up on the front lawn of Adelup late Friday afternoon to take part in a "ROD Rally" hosted by community advocacy group We are Guahan. For those that attended, the acronym this time stood not for "Record of Decision", but for "Realizing our Destiny."

We are Guahan member Moneka De Oro says "Realizing Our Destiny" means finds finding Guam's roots and taking hold of the power the people have to shape the military buildup. Speaker Judi Won Pat was found in the crowd and reiterated De Oro's sentiment, adding that it is important for island politicians to take a stand on the buildup.

While it was not a political rally per se, many senators could be seen shaking hands and visiting with constituents their presence at the rally presumably showing where they stand on the issue. The mood was festive, tents where set up and lived music played. (At one point, everyone joined hands forming a gigantic circle that took up almost the entire front lawn of the Governor's Complex.)

Although the tone was upbeat, Vietnam veteran Al Lizama told KUAM News the United States had treated the Chamorro people as slaves, and that he is very upset about the Record of Decision detailing the military's plans for the island, and the plans by the U.S. Government to take more land on Guam.

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