Saturday, November 01, 2008

Activists stage protest to accelerate fishing bill

By Michele Catahay
Published Oct 31, 2008

Several Chamorro rights activists were at the Guam Legislature today in Hagatna, taking part in a peaceful protest for lawmakers to move forward with Bill 327. The legislation would provide for indigenous fishing rights and mandates the Department of Agriculture to develop rules and regulations to allow it to happen.

Maga haga (the highest-ranking female) of the Taotaomona Native Rights Trini Torres says they're protesting in hopes to restore native rights to fish in Guam's waters. She told KUAM News, "Somehow things came back and forth and so many excuses went on and the bill is still now there as it is. We keep pushing. We've been here for nine days and nine evenings camping out there and we were fighting for the existence of our people and we prayed."

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