Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chamoru Summit II

Chamoru Summit II

Share with all who might be interested in attending and helping out. We are at a critical stage in our struggle for self-determination and we need to get ourselves better organized.


Mina'dos na Huntan Manamoru:
Huntan i Manamoru ni' Pumetsisigi Dinitetminan Maisa
Chamoru Summit II:
A Meeting of the CHamoru people working towards self-determination

Saturday, October 25th 8:30-1:30 PM
UOG Lecture Hall
Mangilao, Guam

A meeting of the CHamoru people working towards self-determination. Sessions will discuss the right of Chamoru self-determination, different status options, as well as goal planning in the following areas: Legal strategies (ligat), economic development (inadilanton ikunumiha), the CHamoru registry (rihestran Manamoru), rethinking education (idukasion hinasso), and educational campaign and strategies (edukasion).


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