Friday, May 02, 2008

Guam Democats Grateful for Privilege of Being Involved

Guam Democrats grateful for privilege of being involved
by Ronna Sweeney, KUAM News
Saturday, May 03, 2008

How have the campaign ads and interviews with local media for presidential candidate hopefuls Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton paid off with the Democratic voters of Guam? A steady stream of such supporters made their way to the polls today. In Mangilao, retired sailor Manuel Leon Guerrero Sablan and his wife Aurora agreed it's an exciting time to be on island, with the former saying, "This is a very history for us to try and come out like this and try and vote for the president of the United States." Aurora added, "I vote for the people that will benefit the island of Guam, and this time I am going to vote for Hillary Clinton because she's going to be the first woman president."

While we found plenty of Senator Clinton supporters at the polls, equally out in force were those in favor of Senator Obama. Kerry Cutting said, "It's Guam's chance to be in the sun. I want to participate in the process. We usually don't get a chance to participate in the presidential process. I supported Barack Obama."

Some, like Bill Pesch of Sinajana, chose to keep their preference for either candidate private, but did note how important it is to be involved in the whole caucus process. "I think it's an exciting election, because really for the first time Guam's votes count and we've had some promises made by both the Democratic nominee hopefuls. Let's hold them to their words and see what happens if they're elected."

And with every vote counting, a number of island residents registered as democrats in order to participate today. Another Sinajana resident, Marvin Quinata encourages everyone to get involved, telling KUAM News, "It's for the better of the people of Guam, so I just want to tell my friends and colleagues to come down and vote because every vote counts because it will really help the people of Guam."

If you'd still like to participate in the Democratic Caucus, the polls remain open until 8 o'clock this evening.

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