Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Home Depot Ready to Open on Guam

Home Depot ready to open doors to Guam
by John Davis, KUAM News
Monday, November 12, 2007

With more than 40,000 items in their inventory, island residents better prepare for a jaw-dropping experience as the second-largest Home Depot in the world prepares to open its doors. Home Depot is definitely in a league of its own - most mainland Home Depot locations average 105,000 square feet of store space, but the local superstore boasts a 156,000 square foot store with thousands of options to help create your own home look.

If you're looking to do renovations, the store offers over one a hundred different selections of tile to choose from, which store manager Brian Lay says is unique to the island. "We carry ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite, just to name a few and it's in stock every single day," he said. (Not to mention hundreds of different fixtures ranging from the antique rustic look to your modern day design for your bathroom, kitchen or even around the house, inside or out.)

For the kitchen, Home Depot has a selection of cabinets varying from low to high-end finishes, interior and exterior doors, bath tubs and bathroom sinks to ensure you get more for your money. Sales associate for appliances Jenius Ancaya says they even offer a wide selection of washers, dryers, stoves and refrigerators. "Starting with the L.G., Maytag, and Magic Chef. We have admiral, Adora mostly all the brand from the mainland is here on Guam," she said.

Aside from a huge selection of treated and untreated lumber, concrete blocks and other building equipment, Home Depot also offers a huge garden center with name brand topsoil and fertilizer, they offer three styles of paving and retaining wall stones, pots and planters and much more. Home Depot even plans to give local vendors a piece of the pie.

Said Lay, "The live goods that we'll be selling here on island are from the island...we have five different vendors here on the island that our supplying our goods, and that's what you can expect to see."

If you're the do-it-yourself type of person, but find yourself lacking the tools for the task. Home Depot even has a tool rental department; rental items range from a variety of tools to bushcutters, cement mixers, wet and dry vacuums, water blasters and generators ranging from 3,000-5,000 kilowatts. "A soft opening ceremony will be Wednesday at 5pm, followed by the opening to the general public Thursday.

Regular hours for Home Depot will be 6am-9pm, Monday through Saturday and 7am-7pm on Sundays.


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