Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tinian Soldier Killed in Bahrain

Mother of slain sailor says she has forgiven shooter
By Gemma Q. Casas
Variety News Staff
October 25, 2007

THE mother of the sailor from Tinian who was slain at an American military base in the Arab nation of Bahrain on Monday says she has forgiven her daughter’s assailant but seeks justice for her daughter.

“I am trying to understand the situation” said Jovita Paulino, a teacher at Tinian Jr. and High School “I pray for this man that he gets better. I don’t take justice unto my own hands. I am a Christian and Christians are forgiving.”

She added, “(The assailant) knows what he did and that’s between him and God. God will be the ultimate judge.”

Her daughter, Navy Seaman Anamarie San Nicolas Camacho, 20, and Navy Seaman Genesia M. Gresham, 19, of Lithonia, Georgia, were shot in a barracks at the military base around 5 a.m. on Oct. 22.

Authorities suspect that the shooter might have been jealous.

The other victim was his ex-girlfriend.

Paulino said the “closeness” between the two victims may have been misunderstood.
“Wait for the truth. Who knows about my daughter other than me? It’s not like that,” she said.

The male sailor remains in critical condition after shooting himself.
Camacho entered the U.S. Navy a year ago and was assigned to the 5th Fleet in Bahrain.

Her mother said the young sailor, who is described by Tinian community members as “smart” and determined, was a defender of those who were aggrieved.

“My daughter was a person who cared about people. She would fight for you. She was an individual who would not let anyone trample on you. She would defend you if people belittled you,” she said.

She said her daughter had always wanted to join the armed forces and dreamt of contributing her talents to promote the ideals of the United States — freedom and justice.

Her remains are expected to be flown to the Northern Marianas next week.
The U.S. Navy continues to investigate the incident.

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