Saturday, May 26, 2007

Justice for the Marshall Islands

Please sign the Marshallese survivors' petition and circulate widely --it
only takes 3 minutes at the most. Just double click on the link below and be
patient and wait for about a minute or so, the petition will come up. You
have to preview your signature first and then officially sign on.

The US-Japan Committee on Racial Justice is one of active groups actively
supporting the Marshallese survivors of ERUB (acronym for the 4 atolls of the
Marshall Islands). For the whole month of June, they will be in Washington,
D.C. to lobby for the Marshallese survivors of the 67 nuclear tests and the
Petition for Changed Circumstances. We are half way to our goal of 5,000
signatures; we now have a total of 2,579 signatures. So, your timely support
would be greatly appreciated.

As many of you may be aware, fallout from these nuclear detonations landed on
Guam, as was attested to by Lt. Schreiber who, after the military gag rule
was lifted, apologized to the Chamorro people in 2005 for not warning them of
the imminent danger under orders from his superiors. Moreover, many of the
ships and planes that were used in monitoring the nuclear detonations were
either washed down in Anderson Air Force Base or off Coco's island. Some of
the ships then proceeded to San Francisco Bayview Hunter's Point Shipyard
that remains highly toxic and a Superfund site till this day.

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