Monday, October 16, 2006

Guam Rebuffs NK Threat

HAGÅTÑA, Guam (Pacific Daily News, Oct. 16)

A North Korean missile attack on Guam will likely fail because the communist country doesn't have the capabilities to accurately target such weapons, according to U.S. officials. Any attack on Guam also would result in an "overwhelming retaliation" from the United States, according to Delegate Madeleine Bordallo. The top Air Force commander on Guam said U.S. forces are "ready to go yesterday" should an attack happen. Also, such an attack would have to first penetrate U.S. military and allied defenses that includes missile interceptors in bases and ships that line the Asia-Pacific region from South Korea and Japan to Guam. A missile launched from North Korea could reach the island within an hour. An unofficial spokesmanfor North Korea in Japan, Kim Moyong Choi, during an interview with ABC Radio Australia yesterday, said North Korea might attack Guam, Japan and Hawai'i if tougher sanctions are levied against the country. Kimtold ABC Radio Australia that North Korea might test a hydrogen bomb in a show of force.

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